Color flatting your comic book is critical when you have to do color separation for printing your comic book. This edited Twitch stream will give you 6 pointers on setting up your pages and the top keyboard shortcuts to speed up your workflow.

00:00 Intro and top 5 Tips
08:13 Background timelapse
10:12 How to enjoy flatting
12:15 Timelapse of Jhander begins
14:55 Keyboard shortcuts
16:28 Timelapse of Jhander continues
21:28 Completion
22:12 Outro

Essential keyboard shortcuts:
L-Lasso tool
Shift+L-Switch to Polygonal Lasso Tool
W-Magic Wand tool
Alt+Del-Fill with Foreground color
Control (Command)+Delete-Fill with Background color
Control+U-Hue/Saturation Slider box

Essential Settings:
Lasso-Feathering and Anti-aliasing set to ZERO
Magic Wand-Tolerance set to ZERO, anti-aliasing set to off

Thank you for watching!

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